Pasadena Job Fair May 16, 2024

About This Pasadena Job Fair

Pasadena Job Fair, May 16, 2024

The May 16 Pasadena Job Fair is essential for job seekers in Pasadena. It links them with top employers and diverse career paths across sectors. It’s not just a job fair but a lively platform for networking, uncovering job openings, and learning about company cultures and hiring practices.

Event Overview

Each year, Best Hire Career Fairs organizes over four major job fairs in Pasadena, attracting many employers. These events are known for their excellent organization and effectiveness in creating meaningful connections between job seekers and employers, offering many job opportunities.

What to Expect

Diverse Opportunities: Pasadena’s job market is rich and growing, with many chances in tech, entertainment, aerospace, healthcare, education, and retail. This reflects the region’s economic variety and creativity. On-the-Spot Hiring: The fair provides the chance for immediate job offers. Employers seek standout candidates who are ready to make quick hiring decisions. Extensive Recruiter Participation: Attendees will meet recruiters from various sectors, enhancing the likelihood of finding matching job opportunities.


Dressing professionally and presenting well is advised to make a great first impression, which is crucial for success at the fair.

Employment in Pasadena

Pasadena’s job scene is dynamic and competitive, offering numerous opportunities. The city is becoming a new business hub, indicating healthy job market trends with several sectors leading in job creation.


This online event is open to everyone in Pasadena and beyond, aiming to connect a broad audience with potential employers.

Employment Trends

Pasadena’s diverse economy is primarily driven by technology, healthcare, education, and retail, making it a prime location for job seekers.

Pasadena Event location

This is an Online Event

Pasadena, CA, USA

Date: 5/16/2024
Time:10:00am - 2:00pm


Benefit Packages Offered by Employers

  • Salaried Positions
  • Base Salary + Positions
  • Bonuses
  • Commission
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Company Training
  • Management Training
  • Rapid Career Advancement


Employers Who Hire at Our Pasadena Job Fairs

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Encore Boston Harbor Hires at our Boston Job Fairs
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Industries that hire at our Pasadena Job Fairs

Accommodations, Accounting, Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture & Agribusiness, Air Transportation, Apparel & Accessories, Auto, Banking, Beauty & Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Chemical, Communications, Computer, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Employment, Energy, Entertainment & Recreation, Fashion, Financial Services, Fine Arts, Food & Beverage, Green Technology, Health, Information, Information Technology, Insurance, Journalism & News, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting, Medical Devices & Supplies, Motion Pictures & Video, Music, Pharmaceutical, Public Administration, Public Relations, Publishing, Real Estate, Retail, Service, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation, Travel, Utilities, Video Game, Web Services