Are You Focusing on the Wrong Thing?

Which job board should I be using? Which diet should I use to lose weight? Which authority or expert should I be listening to? There are so many options and advice for resume templates, how do I know what is right for me? Let me save you lots of time and anguish and make it simple for you. Just choose one and get started!

We live in the information age with access to more information that we could ever read or watch online. Finding an “expert” in any category is as simple as typing in a search to Google or YouTube. But information is rarely the problem. If information is not converted to action or applied, it is worthless. With all this information at our fingertips it is easy to get overwhelmed by it and to spend too much time deciding which person we should listen to, or which path we should choose.

In most cases, the best strategy is to just pick one and get started! Let’s go back to my opening question about losing weight or choosing a diet plan. Americans spend more than 60 billion dollars a year trying to lose weight. Every year there is a new diet or exercise program that is “the new thing”. So which one work?  ALL OF THEM! They all work – IF you follow them, or use them. People spend too much time getting hung up on which plan to use, but are failing to identify the biggest component to success and that is executing the plan. Putting that plan to work.

An ok strategy with great execution will beat a perfect strategy with poor execution every time.

Plus, we are all unique, so there usually is no “perfect strategy” anyway!

Over planning is a form of procrastination. Believe me I know, I am great at it! Look at anyone who has had success in an area of their life and I bet the journey was messy. There was probably no perfect plan, they just got started and course corrected along the way. They learned as they went and they kept at it until they reached the finish line.

Forget about diets, let’s say there are two identical twins (Amy and Sarah), each of whom would like to meet the love of their life. Amy spends all her time planning and deliberating on how she should go about meeting someone. She obsesses over where she should go, what she should wear and how she should act. She reads blogs on how to attract that person and spends hours thinking about what type of person she would like to meet. She even gets online and looks at plenty of profiles, but she is waiting for that perfect one and never goes on any dates.

Her sister Sarah just goes for it. She goes on dates every week, some are ok, some are disasters and some go really well. Each week she learns a little more about what she likes and doesn’t like in a potential partner.  She is always putting herself out there and meeting new people without putting any pressure on herself, but confident that in the end things will work out.

Who is more likely to have success in meeting the love of their life? I think we all know that the odds are in Sarah’s favor, yet we act more like Amy in areas of our lives where we are stuck.

So what area of your life have you been waiting to move forward on?

Where do you need to just go for it?

This week, just get out there and get after it! Just get started, learn from the feedback you are getting and adjust your plan accordingly.

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